Seed Exchange

What is the HPS/MAG Seed Exchange?

Since the fall and winter of 1993-94, the Seed Exchange has been one of the activities that makes HPS/MAG stand out from all of the other plant societies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Each year, as the fruiting season for a plant comes to an end, dedicated Society members collect the seeds and forward them, along with a description of the plant, to the Seed Exchange Team. The information is then used to create the Seed Exchange Catalog. The 2016-2017 catalog included 976 seed donations generously contributed by 57 gardeners, from beginners to professionals. 

In early January, Society members can order seeds for a small fee. Later in January and February, dozens of volunteers meet at The Henry Foundation for Botanical Research in Gladwyne, PA to sort and divide seed into packets to satisfy the orders. Thousands of work hours and volumes of gardening knowledge go into  providing this valuable exchange of seeds.

Any member can submit seeds, or volunteer to clean and sort seeds. Not a member? Click here for the membership form.

Want to join the fun? To volunteer for any Seed Exchange Workshop, contact Polly Garnett at

To view the 2016-2017 Seed Exchange Catalog, click here.

To learn more about the Exchange, read "A Seed of an Idea and How it Grew" and "The Power of Seed" from past HPS Newsletters. Also visit the Avant Gardens Blog, GardenForeplay, for their 2014 posting titled "Collecting Seed for Seed Exchanges." 


Seed Volunteers, photo courtesy of Rob Cardillo Seed Volunteers, photo courtesy of Rob Cardillo