2016-2017 Seed Exchange Report

The 2016-2017 Seed Exchange came to a successful conclusion at the end of February with the mailing of the seeds ordered by 127 members, including one from Sweden.There were 57 donors who contributed an amazing number and variety of seeds. Thank you to each and every one of our donors and to all of our members who purchased seed.

Thank you too to Loretta DeMarco and Alice Doering who conducted two very well attended and much enjoyed seed propagation workshops.

The seed workshops had so many participants each day, thanks to Polly Garnett's hard work as volunteer coordinator, that we finished all of the cleaning, sorting, and packaging in eight days. The work of Polly and the workshop volunteers is much appreciated.

Many, many thanks to the seed committee, Sharon Anderson, Jim Bobb, Lynn Cherry, Loretta De Marco, Polly Garnett, Carole Maher, Helen Standen, Brenda Smyth, and Mary Ann Thomas who put in so much time and effort dealing with all of the planning and administrative work that makes the Exchange happen.

This was my last seed exchange as Chair and I'm very grateful for having had the opportunity to take part in such an exceptional benefit of membership in HPS/MAG. Carole Maher is the new Chair and Susan Doblmaier is the Vice Chair. They will do a great job. Good luck to them and success to everyone who is germinating and growing the seeds that were ordered.

Sandy Vernick