A Cornerstone of Our Giving to the Community


The HPS/MAG Grant program exists to support the valuable work of local nonprofit organizations to promote horticulture and/or environmental education and awareness. If you are a member or know of a local nonprofit organization that could benefit from such a grant, please plan to apply this year. And thank you for your interest in the HPS/MAG Grant program.


Our 2022 Grants Schedule:

  • Applications are accepted from early December 2021 through February 1, 2022.
  • All applicants are notified of their status by mid-March 2022.
  • Grant recipients receive their award checks by April 1, 2022.

Click here to read the detailed 2022 Grant Process. Please note, it has been revised from 2021.

Grant application process is open. Click here to apply for a 2022 HPS/MAG Grant.
Application deadline is midnight February 1, 2022. Only submit one application per organization per year.

Click here for a list of other previous grant winners.

Questions? Please contact Dawn Freeman, HPS/MAG Vice President and Chair of the Grants Committee, at [email protected]


A Little History and the Latest News About Our Grant Program

The HPS Grants Program was started in 2009 and has awarded grants annually to individuals, community groups, schools, and other organizations in the mid-Atlantic region who are working to promote horticulture and positive ecological impact.

One of our major goals has been expanding our grant program. The last several years have been very encouraging. The program has been growing each year and with that in mind, the budget has increased to support this initiative. Understanding the importance of ongoing support to local garden communities in these difficult days, the HPS Board decided to continue the increased budget for 2022.

Each year the number of grant applications has increased, challenging the Grant Committee to determine how best to distribute our budgeted funds. In 2020, we introduced a rigorous grading system to enable the five Grant Committee members to consistently evaluate each grant application and distribute grant funding for maximum benefit. In 2021, we adjusted our application process a bit to better support the evaluation and selection of our grant recipients. We will continue to fine tune our evaluation process as needed to support the growth of the HPS Grants Program in 2022 and moving forward.

While our application deadline remains February 1 and all grant applicants are notified of their status by mid-March, we anticipate that our 2022 grant recipients may need to address impacts to their planned timelines and changes to projects because of the COVID-19 crisis. In these unusual times, we understand that we must allow recipients the latitude to adjust their plans and recognize that final reports may be delayed by circumstances beyond their control. As needed, we will work with individual grant recipients to accommodate adjustments to help ensure the success of their project.

How You Can Help - With that in mind, please consider a contribution to HPS to ensure that our grant program can continue to support worthy groups who will need our help more than ever in these challenging times. To donate, please click here, to be re-directed to the HPS/MAG Donation Form. HPS/MAG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to which donations may be deducted to the extent permitted by the law.

Questions? Please contact Dawn Freeman, HPS/MAG Vice President and Chair of the Grants Committee, at [email protected]


Final Report from 2021 Grant Recipient : URBAN PROMISE ACADEMY, WILMINGTON DE

The grant funds provided for the creation of a native plant pollinator garden at our inner city high school located in the midst of an urban lower-income community.  The grant specifically allowed us to purchase nearly $700 worth of native plants (plugs and containers) to augment donated plants. The pollinator garden replaced a neglected weedy/grass ~85’x9’ strip alongside the recently renovated building (2223 N. Market St). It is part of a larger transformation creating the “Good Ground Garden”. The larger project included demolishing a derelict building and unkept treed area on a contiguous lot (2219). That parcel is now on its way to boast mostly native shrubs, trees, and perennials; raised vegetable beds; a curved path, and a shaded structure and concrete pad creating outdoor classroom space.

The students took a 1 credit course all spring that introduced them to elemental ecology, and the basics of garden design and maintenance. The course addressed the benefits gardens provide to rainfall management and to animal and the human communities. They helped select the plants and participated (as COVID restrictions allowed) in preparing and planting the gardens and now in maintaining them.

The impact of this project extends beyond the Urban Promise Academy community to the wider Urban Promise Wilmington community and to the surrounding neighborhood. The immediate area has few visible areas of shrubs, flowers, and trees to provide visual and city-sounds relief and modulate the immediate temperature.

Overall the project supports the Academy's goals to provide students with the skills necessary for life management, personal growth, and servant leadership.

Urban Promise Wilmington blog also documents some of the early process of breaking ground, showing adult volunteers and students (https://www.urbanpromise.org/category/blog). In the near future* this website will also post an acknowledgement of this (with the HPS/MAG logo) and other grants for the gardens. A fall celebration inviting city dignitaries, local churches and Wilmington partnering non-profits is also planned with press releases and signage that will acknowledge HPS/MAG and other contributing grant organizations. And finally at the annual banquet partnerships like this will be acknowledge in the program and media materials.

*   Urban Promise Wilmington consists of summer programs for youth as well as the elementary and high school; internships for local high school and international college students; and volunteer projects for local and out-of-state church and college volunteer groups. As such administrative services are busy all year round.