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Tuesday at 10: Fundamentals of Pesticide Risk and Safety Assessment
Tuesday, March 08, 2022, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM EST
Category: Pop-Up Events

"Fundamentals of Pesticide Risk and Safety Assessment "

Speaker: Angelina Duggan, Organic Chemist and Retired Toxicologist and Regulatory Scientist.


First and foremost, this talk is not intended to promote, increase or recommend the use of chemical pesticides on a personal or professional level.

During the course of Master Gardener Helpline volunteerism or in personal endeavors around the home, at times we may be confronted with the choice of what methodology or chemical pesticide product should be used to get rid of a pest or disease that may be destroying or infecting, indoor plants, landscaping or lawns.

When, and if, it is necessary to use a chemical pesticide, whether they apply it themselves or hire a professional applicator, people may, and should, ask themselves:

  • Is this product safe for me and the environment, or
  • Has the product been tested to ensure that it can be used safely, or
  • What precautions should I take when using this product.

What will be presented today will help you address these questions and inform you about product safety and risk assessment processes conducted by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state levels.

"Tuesdays at 10" is a free Members-Only Educational Series of Virtual Lectures. Registration is required for each session. Registration for this lecture will open in February 2022. Maximum number of attendees is 100.

About Our Speaker

HPS Member Angelina Duggan is a Mercer County NJ Master Gardener, class of 2016. She currently serves on their Herb and Native Plants Committees, and Co-Chairs the Identification and Diagnostics Committee.

Angelina has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and worked initially as a research and product development chemist for pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies. Over time, she eventually morphed into a toxicologist and regulatory scientist.

While working for trade associations in Washington DC, the EPA appointed Angelina to various advisory committees to work with activist groups and other industry and government scientists to provide consensus advice on regulatory and human health and risk assessment policies.

Before retiring in 2020, she also worked as a consultant applying her chemistry background to address regulatory and human health risk assessments problems for industrial, agrochemical and fragrance chemicals.

Important Info regarding registration: Please make sure you hit the "submit" button after registering on-line. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, then the registration process was not completed.

Please make sure you have Zoom installed on your computer. Plan to join 5 minutes before; there will be a 20-30 minute talk plus 15 minute Q&A. Questions can be submitted via chat box and will be read to speaker by the HPS/MAG moderator. Please note that all participants will be muted for the duration of the event.

Contact: Nora Sirbaugh at [email protected] plant.org