It’s not too early to begin planning next year’s Members’ Garden Tour.  The Members' Garden Tour will be held on Saturday, June 30th in Germantown and East Falls with 3 or 4 private gardens and one of the Germantown Historical homes. Possible reception at Germantown Cricket Club.

 The committees will be:

Signage. Placing signs before the tour begins and picking them up afterwards.

Garden Greeters. Recruit and schedule garden greeters in conjunction with the garden owners and provide that tables and chairs are available. Provide greeters with attendance sheets, i.d. bracelets, pens, water, etc. 

Reception. Obtaining a caterer or working with staff at the reception site to plan the menu. Set up in advance and take down. Recruit bartenders. Have wine, water and something nonalcoholic such as ice tea or lemonade. Make sure there’s plenty of ice.

Raffle. Obtain raffle items, recruit ticket sellers, arrange the raffle table and provide raffle tickets to the sellers. Distribute items to the winners.

If you would like to join the team Please let Sandy Vernick know at: [email protected].