The Hardy Plant Society Book Sale

Open to Members and Non-Members

We are selling books on-line this year as we have a stock of previously purchased books that we have been unable to sell at in-person events due to (coronavirus) cancellations and the transition to virtual events. 

We are selling a wonderful selection of books for your reading pleasure and horticultural information. Copies of each book are limited. Here is our list of books and associated quantities and price. They are discounted 20% and Pa sales 6% tax is included.

Mary Ann is requesting that you contact her at [email protected] after you place your order to set up receiving your book. 
Also, please contact her with any questions. 


 A Year at Brandywine Cottage by David Culp

Price $28.00

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26 copies available.

David Culp has spent more than 30 years creating a sensational year-round garden that provides an abundance of joy, both indoors and out. Here, he urges home gardeners everywhere to do the same in their own space. Culp’s fresh ideas and trusted advice fill this engaging guide, whether it’s choosing plants for twelve months of interest, weaving edibles into the mix, or bringing the bounty indoors with simple arrangements and homegrown recipes. Packed with glorious images and practical tips, A Year at Brandywine Cottage will inspire you to live a life enriched by nature every day of the year. -


 Nature's Best Hope by Doug Tallamy

Price $24.00

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29 copies available.

Nature's Best Hope advocates for homeowners everywhere to turn their yards into conservation corridors that provide wildlife habitats. It is easy to do, and readers will walk away with specific suggestions they can incorporate into their own yards. Nature's Best Hope is nature writing at its best—rooted in history, progressive in its advocacy, and above all, actionable and hopeful. By proposing practical measures that ordinary people can easily do, Tallamy gives us reason to believe that the planet can be preserved for future generations. -


 Nature into Art: The Gardens of Wave Hill by Thomas Christopher

Price $32.00

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14 copies available

Wave Hill, a world-renowned public garden in the Bronx, boasts a classic horticultural craftsmanship unrivaled among other public gardens in the United States. But it also embraces a design spirit that is daring and innovative. Every year brings changes to Wave Hill: new combinations of colors, textures, and forms, along with creative themes and constant experimentation. Nature into Art brings this splendid, sensory experience home by honoring the unsurpassed beauty of Wave Hill. It explores the different areas of the garden—the flower garden, the shade border, the wild garden, the conservatory, and more—and gives gardeners helpful information on the plants, techniques, and design choices that define this iconic space. Filled with stunning, ethereal photography by Ngoc Minh Ngo, Nature into Art will enchant and inspire you to practice the Wave Hill way of gardening. -


The Pollinator Victory Garden by Kim Eierman 

Price $22.00

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28 Copies available

The passion and urgency that inspired WWI and WWII Victory Gardens is needed today to meet another threat to our food supply and our environment—the steep decline of pollinators. The Pollinator Victory Garden offers practical solutions for winning the war against the demise of these essential animals. With The Pollinator Victory Garden, you can give pollinators a fighting chance. Learn how to transition your landscape into a pollinator haven by creating a habitat that includes pollinator nutrition, larval host plants for butterflies and moths, and areas for egg laying, nesting, sheltering, overwintering, resting, and warming. Find a wealth of information to support pollinators while improving the environment around you. -


Proven Winners Book by Ruth Rogers Clausen, Thomas Christopher

Price $16.00

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Only 1 copy available.

Proven Winners is America’s #1 plant brand. And now they are sharing their expert plant knowledge and creative design ideas in their first book, The Proven Winners Garden Book. This definitive guide starts with lessons on how to prepare a space, tips on choosing the right design, and a primer on buying the right plants. Twelve garden plans provide simple design ideas that will add curb appeal to your home garden. They include— a welcoming entryway, a  butterfly and pollinator garden, a fragrant flower garden, a shady summertime retreat, and a deer-resistant garden. There are an additional twenty-five container recipes that add color and pizzazz to gardens of all sizes—even on balconies and patios. The creative combinations include holiday themes, solutions for shade and other concerns, poolside ideas, and much more.  -