HPS/MAG Seed Exchange

2023-2024 Seed Exchange is completed - All seeds have been mailed. Contact Susan Doblmaier [email protected] if you do not receive you seeds by 3/2/24 or for any questions or comments about seeds or the Seed Exchange.

Please remember us throughout the 2024 growing season and donate seeds from your garden treasures to share with HPS/MAG members.  For 2024-2025, we would like to include more heirloom vegetables from your gardens  So think about saving some seeds from your wonderful heirloom tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, etc.  Look for seed saving workshops in August and September to help everyone clean their own seeds and to distinguish the seed from the chaff (the seed coverings and other debris separated from the seed).

Click here for the 2023-2024 Seed Catalog. It includes 881 seed donations contributed by 62 gardeners, from beginners to professionals. Approximately 100 new plant varieties were donated for the first time. Every year brings challenges to our gardeners to collect enough seeds to fill the orders, but our donors persevere and donate amazing seeds.

Susan Doblmaier, Seed Exchange Chair, and her team thank everyone who has donated seed, volunteered at the order fulfillment workshops, and ordered seeds.  Without all the support we receive from the donors and volunteers, the Seed Exchange would not be possible. 

Please note: Any member or non-member can submit seeds or volunteer to clean and sort seeds.  To order seeds, one must be a member of HPS/MAG.  

To learn more about the Seed Exchange, read "A Seed of an Idea and How it Grew" and "The Power of Seed" from past HPS Newsletters. Also visit the Avant Gardens Blog, Garden Foreplay, for their 2014 posting titled "Collecting Seed for Seed Exchanges."