We Invite You to Get More Involved with HPS/MAG 

Here are just a few great reasons to volunteer:

Learn something new
Share your expertise
Explore your interests
Broaden your horizons by interacting with new people & places
Improve or develop new interpersonal skills
Experience more fun 

 Questions? Contact Janice Thomas at 
[email protected]g


Below is a listing of our volunteer opportunities. Once you have perused them, click here for our volunteer form where you can let us know those activities that interest you. 

Working on a Team with Committees/Board

  • Review  Garden Grants Applications
  • Assist VP with Members' Garden Tour
  • Assist Treasurer/Budget
  • Assist Ways & Means with Events
  • Assist Past President to Nominate Board Officers and Chairs
  • Assist Programs Chair with New Speakers and Events
  • Assist Special Interest Groups Chairs with Plans and Events 
  • Lead or Help a Team to Identify New Pop-Up Events and Workshops
  • Fundraising Committee

Hands-On Help - Programs/Events

  • On-site Refreshment Hospitality
  • Membership Table Promotion and Information
  • Photography at Events/Programs
  • Onsite raffles and Book Sales and Glove Sales for Fundraising
  • Hands-on, Task-Specific Help on the Day of an HPS Public Event, Program or Workshop.
  • Prepare Seeds and Fill Orders for Seed Exchange
  • Onsite Host at a Pop-Up Event
  • Plant Sales

Staff Assist - Communications/Records

  • Quarterly Newsletter and Members' Directory
  • Facebook/Social Media Publicity
  • You Tube Video Channel
  • Members' E-Mail Blast
  • DropBox
  • Photographs for Communications Platforms


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are Garden Grants? - A cornerstone of our charitable giving to the community. In 2020, 17 worthy organizations received grant money for horticultural research and educational programs. 

What is DropBox? - A simple online platform used to transfer large files (like our recorded virtual events) and serves as a repository for our Image Files.

What are Pop-Up Events? - Pop-ups are member sponsored events that don’t fall under the categories of our established SIGs. They can include members and nonmembers as participants and take place throughout the year. Workshops, garden tours and visits to historical horticultural sites are very popular. Any member can be a Pop-up organizer - share your fabulous ideas!

What is Seed Exchange? - Since the fall and winter of 1993–1994, HPS members have been gathering, cleaning, packing, and distributing seed with an eye to sharing their favorites and keeping unusual plants in circulation.They often value and preserve seeds of plants not available in commercial nurseries. HPS is one of the largest seed exchanges in this region and offers more than 1,000 different seeds, varieties that are difficult to get anywhere else.

What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)? - We currently have 2 SIG leaders who plan garden and nursery visits and workshops of particular interest to enthusiasts of native plants and tender perennials. Are you interested in a particular aspect of gardening, or live in an area where you'd like to meet other HPS members, but no SIG currently exists? If so, perhaps you would like to form your own SIG.