March Into Spring XXV - A Virtual Symposium for Gardeners

“Beautiful and ecological gardens: you can have both.”

The 2022 Virtual March into Spring Symposium was a great success. Both members and non-members enjoyed our program which started with Rebecca McMackin presenting "Brooklyn Bridge Park: A Work in Progress in Built Ecology". This talk detailed many of the strategies employed to design an ecological park, as well as the management techniques used to cultivate biodiverse parkland.

Rebecca was followed by Kelly Norris presenting "New Naturalism: Designing and Planting a Resilient, Ecologically Vibrant Home Garden", his popular new lecture that applies his passion for plants and planting to home gardens with practical, accessible and inspiring ideas for landscapes on the wild side. 

There were many comments (in the chat room) that praised the success of the conference, for example:

"Hands down my favorite speaker of all time! I jump at every chance to hear her speak. She never disappoints."

“This was the best virtual lecture I’ve seen since the pandemic started.” 

We are hopeful that the 2023 March Into Spring Symposium will be back to an in-person event. Hope to see you all next year!

Many thank-you to the speakers, the registrants and the HPS/MAG team of Nora, Stephen and Janet
and the Scott Arboretum team.

Thank-You for making the 2022 HPS/MAG Online Silent Auction a Huge Success!

2022 Online Auction stats:

  • 58 donors including 18 new to the auction this year; top 3 donors were Charles Cresson (32 items), Triple Oaks (27 items) and Gettysburg Gardens (17 items)
  • 80 bidders; 62 winners; 29 won more than 2 items; 3 folks won 12 or more items
  • 222 items in total – 17 of these had no bidders
  • Plant focused – 180 items were plants containing about 230 individual plants (some items were groups of plants)
  • Sold 36 pairs of gloves

Many thanks to the donors, the bidders, and the HPS/Mag auction team led by Dawn Freeman.

Here is the link for online auction 2022: